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MSclub.be provides online continuous medical education (CME) to neurologists on Multiple Sclerosis related topics. This can include updates on developments in diagnosis, treatment, care and quality of life in Multiple Sclerosis.

Conferences & Lectures ON-LINE

  • Disorders of Mood and Affect in MS and the Association with Cognitive Dysfunction
    Dr. Anthony Feinstein
    University of Toronto – Canada
  • Patiënt met perifere en contrale demyelinisatie: diagnose? behandeling?
    Dr.R. Crols
    AZ Middelheim – Belgium

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  • Dr. D'Hooghe – MS Center -Melsbroek
  • Prof. Nagels – MS Center- Melsbroek
  • Dr. Dive – CHU - Liège
  • Dr. Decoo – AZ Alma Sijsele - MS Expertise Centrum
  • Dr. Bartholomé – CHU Tivoli– La Louvière
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